Mohamed Abdou, UCLA

Hiroshi Azechi, Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka U, Japan

Kimberly Budil, University of California

Dave Babineau, Savannah River National Laboratory

Michl Binderbauer, Tri Alpha Energy, Inc.

E. Michael Campbell

Phillip Ferguson, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Siegfried Glenzer, SLAC National Accelerator

Richard J. Hawryluk, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

Mark Haynes, Concordia Power

Mark Herrmann, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Robert L. McCrory, University of Rochester

Harry McLean, LLNL Fusion Energy Program

Dale M. Meade, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (retired)

Farrokh Najmabadi, University of California at San Diego

Gerald Navratil, Columbia University

Stephen Obenschain, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

Nicole Petta, Schafer Corporation

Don Rej, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Peter Seidl, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

John Sheffield, Joint Institute for Energy and Environment

Daniel Sinars, Sandia National Laboratories

Tony S. Taylor, General Atomics

Francois Waelbroeck, University of Texas at Austin

Dennis Whyte, MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center

Yican Wu, INEST, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Gerald Navratil, Chairman

Kimberly Budil, Vice Chairman

Stephen O. Dean, President

Mark Tillack, Vice President, Communications

Ruth A. Watkins, Secr-Treas. and VP, Administration and Finance




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